Friday, 17 August 2018

Punctuation is important!

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I've been putting in a lot of hours working the last couple weeks. The week that was spent on my mom's funeral really took a bite out of us and the budget. In the weeks since, we've had to replace 3 tires on the van. Because I needed more budget eaters. With Garf changing jobs and switching to nights, it's been a little upside-ish around here.

And yet, even with all the upsets ... Garf has remained steady and consistent. Darn him.

He has learned to use punctuation. He likes to punctuate what he says (the important bits) with that damn bath brush. I'd like to burn that thing.

He is not letting anything slide anymore.

He has not forgotten anything (even the few times things have had to wait due to scheduling conflicts).

He adds new things to the mix when something occurs to him (he's still flying a little blind, but he's really starting to "get" it.) Today's addition was having me answer him when he says something. Just getting up and doing is no longer good enough. Acknowledging the request (read order) is not enough. I have to say something. Apparently I'm really bad at doing that. He'll ask for something, and I'll just pop up to go get it.

I've learned something new as well. As much as I begged for this ... it's much harder in the doing than I thought it would be. I wanted it so I thought it would just be easy to hand it all over. Not so much. But progress is being made on both sides.

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