Monday, 16 October 2017

Pictures - Welcome to Newfoundland

 Yeah, he's pretty much at someone's front door. NL moose aren't shy at all.

The one thing I never saw with my own eyes in NL. They appeared in everyone's backyard,  but never ours.

 Mama and baby taking an evening stroll

 They aren't the prettiest animals, not like deer at all, but they sure do love to have their pictures taken.

 This guy was walking down the highway in front of us before he finally got tired of chasing him and went up over the bank. We did him a favor. There was (is still maybe?) a bounty on coyotes in NL and he was worth more dead than alive.

So there you go Amy. Some moose pics. Not a New Brunswick one, not the one that almost hit us, but it seems like NB moose don't like their pics taken so much. Could be that's the only thing I really miss about living in NL. Pics like these are a regular thing. We used to pile into the van after supper and just drive around, counting moose. 

Speaking of wildlife ... there are some mice running through the loft right now. Cheeky little buggers. I'm starting to miss having cats in the house. There no sense in even getting traps. We're surrounded by forest, there's no shortage of critters. They're cute and all, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable with the way they are sitting on the beams and looking at me. In groups. I hope they're not plotting a takeover.

As for the weekend ... I'm a little bit irritated, but I saw it coming, so letting it roll off. 30 seconds of speech does not constitute a conversation. To be fair, we did have a birthday girl to worry about yesterday and Garf ended the day with a headache. (Which I also saw coming because it happens just about every weekend. He insists on an extra 2-3 hours of sleep and eventually ends up with a headache because of it. This is why I haven't slept in for more than 20 years.) He asked me to do something and have it done by Wednesday ... but that pissed me off too 'cause it's not the first time I've done this for him. Basically I got the same standard, "I don't have a clue and I can't find anything anywhere that will spell it out for me" line that he gives me every few weeks. Why ask for help or advice if you're just gonna blow it off? I'm gonna do it anyway, but I am protesting under my breath the whole way. 


  1. LOL to the pictures. Now everyone is going to believe Canada is untamed wild land!

    As for the rest...maybe it is time for you to hold another conversation. Do some research...NOT about D/s but bloggers who feel like you do and read them with Garf. Maybe it will start a conversation. If not, have some questions for him, " How did it make you feel to read what this woman wrote?" (answer or no answer), " because I felt....."

    This process has worked with B and I in the distant past. Here is a blog I found recently

  2. It is Willie, it is. :) The parts where I like to live anyway. lol
    I can't get any conversation out of him. Worse than pulling teeth. I may attempt again, but I also don't want to nag either. So he shall have a few days at least. And thanks for the link, I like finding new things to read. :)

  3. Penny! I love the pictures. So that is what Canada looks like, eh?
    :) Hope the birthday girl enjoyed the day - even with Pops under-the-weather and Mom having to skip to another chore without the joy of bonding... bondage?.... :D Hang in there. Garf will come around or your blog will become a photo album of Canada's Critters.

    1. Pretty ain't it?
      Girl got her ears pierced ... again. Poor thing, she's got tiny ears and she's had them done right twice now and both times she ended up with nasty infections This time, I said she could let her friend poke holes with a needle and so far, so good. Ears haven't fallen off yet. She's happy. lol
      Bite your tongue please, as much as I love wildlife I don't want a picture book here. lol