Monday, 7 August 2017

The forgotten experiment

I totally forgot about our experiment/experience with cap cream. We ended up with 2 different strengths, but apparently neither of them is what is available in the U.S. But we tried them out the other day anyway ... Thursday night I think it was. Oh yeah, it was. I remember because it was a slightly uncomfortable ride to the bookstore. Each butt cheek volunteered to try one. Neither one felt anything at all. Until about 5 hours later. It must have been around 3 a.m. and my left cheek started to burn. Strangely, it was the cheek that was the lesser strength cream. So that's all fine, I just go back to sleep. Well, about 3 hours after I've been up and it's starting to get pretty hot outside, my butt cheek starts warming up again!! I was so annoyed by the time the day was over. It wasn't hot enough to bother me much, just irritating enough to piss me off. I'm not sure if we'll ever attempt using it again.


  1. Barney once said, " If I want your ass burning, I'll do it myself". His schedule is often very erratic- almost as erratic as his wife he adds ( I said you mean erotic? ..LOL), anyway he had to learn to augment my spankings with other punishments until he could get around to 'making my ass burn'. Sometimes that means lessor infractions don't have a physical component. So I write lines, or kneel on this stupid mat or whatever else he knows I can't stand doing. Meh- I'll say it here as he doesn't read blogs anymore, it usually changes my mindset- if he does it long enough that is. Otherwise I just get annoyed,not humbled.

    That being said, I know some people swear by the cream- though not many ..LOL

  2. I guess I'm one of the few - swear by it!

    ;) Amy