Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Not much to report, but ...

Here's a sneak peek of my birthday present this year.

Image may contain: bird

He's about 1 week away from being weaned so I'm hoping that maybe the end of next week we can bring him home. Yes, I am totally spoiled. Ha ... I know cockatiels can whistle and some will talk ... but do they mimic noises?? Like spanking noises? That would totally let the cat outta the bag around here. Hmm ... perhaps he'll be staying in the living room after all. I had thought a good place would be in the loft with me as I spend 90% of my time there, but maybe not. I can imagine that conversation with the kids. lol I don't know, we're pretty open with the kids when they ask questions, so I suppose if we were "caught" I would just simply have that discussion with them. I'm sure it would embarrass them enough that they'll never ask anything again though. But then again, maybe not. Our 16 year old has been bringing lots of what she calls "cringy" things to us ... like, why do some girls call their boyfriends or husbands "Daddy" and "EWWW".  LOL  I think I managed to explain it in a way she understood that it wasn't as cringy as she thought at first. I like to encourage them to keep open minds and to try to understand before making a judgement call.

There's really not a lot going on here. A few short (very short) conversations, but according to Garf, he's starting to come around to my way of thinking. I wasn't quite sure what he meant and had to ask. He wasn't quite sure what he meant. lol Maybe he just didn't know how to explain. But from what I could pull out of him, he said he spent the whole morning thinking about what he could have/should have done (last night? I'm guessing) instead of not thinking about it at all. lol This is a thing because he did it without any prodding from me. Hmm ... is he finally starting to see things through the DD filter? I'm waiting, as patiently as I can, to find out.

Also ... I tested the whole soap idea yesterday. I figured it wasn't really fair of me to give Garf such a hard time over not doing his part when I wasn't really doing mine either and was kind of expecting him to "make" me. That's just not right. It kind of made me think of baby spit up ... I'm not kidding. And don't ask how I know what THAT tastes like. (But picture baby swinging up over head while lying on your back and what could possibly go wrong there??) It wasn't deterring me though ... so either I'm doing it wrong or this habit of mine needs a much bigger kick in the ass.

I guess we'll see if tonight (or tomorrow, yay, Garf has the day off) brings anything new.


  1. A day off together; sounds lovely. Eric is about the hit the road for his big Fall trip. He literally could be gone as long as three months this times. YUCK.

  2. Oh Amy, that sucks!! I think I'd crawl into bed and refuse to come out the whole time :( I can't even manage a week without Garf! I hope the time flies by somehow for you.