Friday, 16 June 2017


I was not expecting Garf to be home for so long. First day home he took his truck up to the garage and hitchhiked home so that took up most of the day, but it was ok because if the truck was in the garage it meant that he'd be home for at least 2 days. That was Friday. A rather dull and uninteresting day, but he was home and that was good.
Saturday I woke up to a message on Facebook. Boot camp had begun! What? I didn't have to remind him, beg him, bug and nag? So I followed his directions and soon he was up and ready to go. It's possible we got the first spanking out of the way first thing, but details are muddy. We weren't supposed to running out and about, but it was early and I needed coffee. Needed, not wanted. Out we go to Timmy's. But ... it was Saturday and you know what goes on on Saturdays when the weather is nice? Garage sales. *sigh* We ended up taking 3 trips to town that day and it was pretty late in the day when we got home. Kind of a bust. I don't even remember now if we did anything boot campy that day or not. I'm thinking we must have squeezed all 4 spankings in. Either way we did end up doing 3 days, more or less.
I'm not sure if I'd want to repeat it again. 4 spankings a day is hard. Hard, medium, severe and mild, in that order. Really? Starting the day with a hard spanking? Well, the first day the hard one was not so hard. So I told Garf that. Well, he upped his game after that. I have to admit I was impressed. The second day, the hard one was hard, medium was hard because I was pretty sore at that point and I was bouncing around trying to get away from it. By the time we got to severe, I wanted to cry just thinking about it and I wasn't all that sure that I *could* stay still and take it. By day three, I was sure I wanted to more of this nonsense.
I'll talk a little more about day three. Having no privileges meant no computer, tablet or phone for Facebook. Not too much of an inconvenience, but also not something I'm used to asking permission for. So first thing I did was get up and hit the computer, make the rounds of my favorite blogs, DD groups on fb, and a game. I have to admit I don't think I really thought he was all that serious. A lot of the time I felt like he was just going through the motions. And I suppose, that IS what he's doing. This hasn't become a part of *us* yet. We had to run out to see if his truck was ready to go yet and as we were driving we noticed a beach, campgrounds ... so we had to stop in and find out all about it. Turned out we could go through to the beach and not have to pay any fees for just that so we came home and picked the kids up for their first trip to the beach this year.
For some reason I was feeling pretty annoyed and irritable which translates into being a little bitchy with Garf. So basically the whole time we were driving I was snippy. Also trying to read my book which I normally bring along for times when I'm waiting in the van and he's gone into a store. He prefers me to talk and pay attention when he's driving. I guess it amuses him. But I really wanted to just read the damn book. So I'd open it and he'd reach out to close it. Apparently he was getting annoyed.
Well ... I was due for the severe spanking when we got home. Garf had been paying attention to the computer and tablet without permission and disrespect while we were out. I really didn't think he was serious. Turns out he was. It still feels as if he was just going through the motions. But boy, did he go through those motions well! He spanked me for that first and then started on the severe spanking. Strangely, I managed to stay in place really well. I hadn't managed that for the 2 earlier that day that were not that bad, but they felt so much worse. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that he did have me fair and square on the disrespect and computer use.
So, even though it kind of fell a little flat for me, just getting to the point where he discovers that I am not that fragile and he was perfectly capable of delivering real punishment was important. He needed to know he could do it, and I needed to know that he would. I was really pretty sure that the 2nd day he would maybe skip the severe one, or go easier, and he didn't. He didn't go easier on the third either. That was a good thing, but I have to say I've had enough of Garf playing whack-a-mole on my backside.
Wednesday morning, I asked him if I could have a good spanking now that we were done with all the nasties. The nice, long, relaxing kind. We use this guide so he has a "how to" to follow. He is slowly getting used to all of this. Having experienced both severe and really, really, nice spanking, I can say without a doubt that I'd much rather his time at home is NOT spent having to deliver punishments. I'll take amazingly relaxing spanking any day.
We also worked out the rules a bit better to include daily and weekly chores to help keep me busy and distracted while he's away. My house should be spotless in no time. I do wish we'd spent a bit more time talking, but he's not a real talky kind of guy. I think he gave the best he could at this point. Baby steps ...


  1. I've just found your blog Penelope. I must admit you are very brave doing boot camp with four spankings a day. Ouch!

    Hugs Lindy

    1. Hi Lindy, welcome :) Oh, I don't know if it was so much brave as it was stupid. lol I guess I didn't think I had anything to worry about, a part of me really expected he'd either throw in the towel all together, or go really easy on me. He didn't. It's a good thing though, it was progress, and I'm still feeling it a bit.